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When we were given our 3×3-metre space at One Fine Day our imagination went wild with how to make this space completely and utterly She Designs Events. We wanted people to be able to literally step into our world, so we built a house from wooden pallets and created a space for people to take a step inside and experience our styling. Jardine Botanic Floral Styling completely decked out our stand with the most incredible floral designs that just took our space to the next level- this woman is one talented florist. We were even able to spread our wings and style the talented John Benavente’s stand, talk about pallet heaven!

The venue was the most incredible backdrop and to be surrounded by so many amazing vendors was like being a part of a creative goldmine. This wedding fair is always a dream for vendors and visitors and has been since it first started in 2012.

After One Fine Day wrapped up we were surprised and super grateful to find out we had won the People’s Choice award for favourite vendor. It was just so lovely to see people enjoying what we do and it made us a little proud of our entire team for putting it together.

“Be patient wild eyes. Soon will come a storm to tame you. Let her winds surround you. Match her fury and let fires reign. There is no escape, nature means what she does”

What a dream this photoshoot was, we had so much fun styling it! It was shot at the stunning Carriageworks in Sydney by Nina Claire Photography. The whimsical dresses were orchestrated by Ivory and Lace Boutique and the hair pieces by Nerida Mason. Makeup and hair styling was by the talented Abbey Love and Nicole and her husband Paul were our incredible models.
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