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The warmth of the evening sun filters through the trees as she makes her way to a clearing in the forest. She’s dreaming up stories of love and desire while wandering through the trees.

It is at this point that she stops; she stands still, feeling the rough grass underneath her feet and she finds her first clear thought in a while. “My thoughts are stars I cannot fathom into constellations,” a quote from a book she had once read.

All these thoughts racing through my head and emotions bubbling in my heart and the feelings in my bones. Surely one person isn’t capable of fitting this much emotion into one heart.

She is truly part of nature and it’s almost as though she can feel every inch of air that’s touching her skin, filling her lungs and keeping her alive.  Running her fingers through the leaves of a tree she turns catching a glimpse of movement in the corner of her eye.

Her eyes explore the bush. What did she see?

To be continued…

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