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Lara Hotz snapped away and here we are left with these incredible photos that so perfectly capture the essence of the day.

The seamless addition of the beautiful florals and greenery was pieced together by the talented Mikarla Bauer. Not to be out-shone by our models for the day who were made up by Tash Owers and Chantel Elliot. And of course a big thank you to Tigerlily and Vanishing Elephant who dressed the models.

I’m just dreaming of going back to this day…


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This enchanting photoshoot was published in Modern Wedding Magazine in November but we thought we’d show you some more of the pictures because they’re simply stunning…

Photography: James Frost >> Venue: Summerlees Cottage >> Hair & Makeup: Total Bliss >> Flowers: Blooms by Bethan >> Wedding dress: Lilli Marcs

We have some exciting news! We’ll be styling a corporate event for Total Bliss in the next couple of weeks, so keep an eye on our social media to see all the pictures x

“Be patient wild eyes. Soon will come a storm to tame you. Let her winds surround you. Match her fury and let fires reign. There is no escape, nature means what she does”

What a dream this photoshoot was, we had so much fun styling it! It was shot at the stunning Carriageworks in Sydney by Nina Claire Photography. The whimsical dresses were orchestrated by Ivory and Lace Boutique and the hair pieces by Nerida Mason. Makeup and hair styling was by the talented Abbey Love and Nicole and her husband Paul were our incredible models.
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wollongong wedding stylists HITCHED_Issue2_BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY

Another cool bridal mag has made a home in our letterbox. Hitched celebrates equality, originality and creativity and like all our favourite wedding magazines, the paper pages smell divine (still hoping for a magazine-scented candle to hit the market!). We styled a shoot for their second issue, which is on stands now- or you can buy it online. The shoot is soft and warm like a hot chocolate overflowing with marshmallows and we got to work with some beautiful people.

Stylist & Co-ordinator // simply peachy
Photography // tealilyphotography
Model // stephanie alcaino (thanks to rachel kara)
Props & Styling // she designs events
Hair & Make Up // makeup by megan
Dresses // amanda garrett
Hairpieces // teeki designs
Florals //  the sisters 
Venue // bendooley estate
Cake // sharon wee