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You can thank the stars, it’s that time of year again for the She Designs Events Warehouse Sale. We are clearing out our warehouse to make room for new stock and we’re saying a heartfelt goodbye to many treasured items that have seen the “I Do” of so many couples (they are saturated with love and good vibes). Every one is welcome to have a look and a wander the behind-the-scenes of She Designs and see if there is anything special that captures your heart. There will be homewares, furniture, gifts and all sorts of wonderful items. Can’t wait to see you all there and don’t forget this is a cash only event xx


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When we were given our 3×3-metre space at One Fine Day our imagination went wild with how to make this space completely and utterly She Designs Events. We wanted people to be able to literally step into our world, so we built a house from wooden pallets and created a space for people to take a step inside and experience our styling. Jardine Botanic Floral Styling completely decked out our stand with the most incredible floral designs that just took our space to the next level- this woman is one talented florist. We were even able to spread our wings and style the talented John Benavente’s stand, talk about pallet heaven!

The venue was the most incredible backdrop and to be surrounded by so many amazing vendors was like being a part of a creative goldmine. This wedding fair is always a dream for vendors and visitors and has been since it first started in 2012.

After One Fine Day wrapped up we were surprised and super grateful to find out we had won the People’s Choice award for favourite vendor. It was just so lovely to see people enjoying what we do and it made us a little proud of our entire team for putting it together.

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She Designs has been collecting bits, bobs and pieces like no other from all around Australia (and the world) for years.

To celebrate our sixth birthday we are putting tradition in our cocktail shaker and mixing it up. It’s us who has a gift for you! We will be holding pop-up shops with She Designs stock available to buy and take home all for yourselves.

And why have one birthday party when you can have four? Over the winter months She Designs will be travelling gypsys taking over venues and celebrating in chic warehouse sale style.

Our pieces are unique and up for grabs are special treasures that are handpicked and adored and witness to the ‘I do’ of hundreds of brides and grooms.

First stop is a boutique wedding dress shop called Ivory and Lace in the beautiful northern suburb of Austinmer. We will be gathering up some of our best vintage and crystal pieces on a Thursday night and transforming Ivory and Lace into a She Designs shop for just one night.


Like a rolling stone we don’t stop to gather moss, our second stop is Engadine Florist where The Sisters (as pretty as their blooms) let us into their store on a Saturday afternoon. The pavements will be filled with treasures available to purchase as the sounds of a live acoustic set fills the air.


Our final stop on our winter roadtrip is in our hometown of Wollongong where we celebrate turning six! Our warehouse will be brimming with items from all our collections for sale as well as a few secret birthday surprises. You can find our warehouse at 112 Montague st Wollongong.


When the best wedding vendors are given an area that’s a blank canvas to run wild with their creativity magic things might happen. When all the best wedding vendors do this in the same space, magic things DO happen!

This is exactly what when down at One Fine Day Wedding Fair at Sunstudios in Alexandria a few weekends ago.

Stylists, photographers, florists, planners, makeup artists, caterers, filmographers, dress designers, celebrants, musicians, jewellers, paper-makers and the list could go on! All gathered to show loved-up couples just what they do.

Click here to see the full list of creative souls 

It was hard not to spend the whole weekend smiling seeing all the love and being able to chat with people interested in what we do as a creative business.

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Photos by Luisa

Look out! She Designs Events is taking over the Illawarra Mercury Bridal Expo. This is the fifth year She Designs has been asked to style the backdrop and stage for the fashion show at the annual event. You can also catch Sheree in the bridal pull out of the Illawarra Mercury this weekend, so make sure you get a copy so you can get a sneak peak to what she has in store for this years expo.

Wow, where do we start with the One Fine Day wedding fair?It was such a sublime day and we really had a ball. Sunstudios was an inspired mise en scene for the spectacular vendor stall, we were dappled by natural light and surrounded by one-of-a-kind stalls. Not only was there a fashion parade and flash-mob swing dancers, but we saw a heart-warming proposal. We made so many new friends and have some covert operations in the works, so stay tuned!For the full list of vendors be sure to have a peep at the One Fine Day website but in the mean time here’s a few snaps of the fair through the eyes of the She designs iphone with a few clicks from silk truffle.