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She can’t really tell if she’s dreaming or awake. The air is filled with fog and the chill in the air is surreal and does little but make her hairs stand on end. Her soul has a way of its own and she knows if she just lets herself go she will find out where she’s meant to be.

There’s something intrinsically magic and enchanting about the night. It draws you in without false promise of what it holds. It’s in the celestial aptitude of the night to transform the colours of the forest into something unknown and unexplored.

“Sometimes you have to walk on your own,” she whispers to herself as she treads barefoot into the darkness. This is her forest, she has no fear, there’s nothing here that can bruise her or turn her away- she is not faint in heart.

Her lips tremble and she can feel every inch of her skin underneath the beading and silk of the white dress she is wearing. Flames from a thousand candles are dancing and throwing light onto the layers of ribbon and silk that surround her.

A ghostly fog starts creeping up through the trees and begins to cloud her vision. Before long it slowly clears and she starts to see a figure emerging. Is this what she has been waiting for her entire journey?

Her heart feels like it’s exploding, sending atoms filled with hope, love and joy to the very boarders of her body. Her breath catches in her throat and her hands start to shake.

“You are my sun, my moon and all my stars,” he says before coming towards her. She confesses her love then he takes her hand and they leave the forest for the last time to start their life as a couple, no longer single souls lost in the woods.

The end.

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One more last and no less amazing thanks to our entire dream-team: The ah-maze-ing floral designs (including all the head-pieces) were crafted with love by The Sisters and the one and only Abbey Love dazzled us all with her make-up and hair styling artistry. Our aesthetically-pleasing models (to say the least!) Nicole, Kellie and Erin were dressed up by Dolly-up Vintage Emporium and Indigo Fleur. Our favourite boys from Evoke Images and John Benavente were our personal paparazzo for the day and No Limit Pictures captured it all to make our own little motion picture!

We love you guys to the stars and back xx

The warmth of the evening sun filters through the trees as she makes her way to a clearing in the forest. She’s dreaming up stories of love and desire while wandering through the trees.

It is at this point that she stops; she stands still, feeling the rough grass underneath her feet and she finds her first clear thought in a while. “My thoughts are stars I cannot fathom into constellations,” a quote from a book she had once read.

All these thoughts racing through my head and emotions bubbling in my heart and the feelings in my bones. Surely one person isn’t capable of fitting this much emotion into one heart.

She is truly part of nature and it’s almost as though she can feel every inch of air that’s touching her skin, filling her lungs and keeping her alive.  Running her fingers through the leaves of a tree she turns catching a glimpse of movement in the corner of her eye.

Her eyes explore the bush. What did she see?

To be continued…

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Flowers are entwined through her hair and tiny petals sometimes fall in her eyelashes as she dances around between tree roots and ferns.

The air smells like rain and everything is strangely still. A storm is floating across the Indian Ocean and making it’s way to her forest. To peer over the edge of the sky and cloud the senses of the sun and throw diamonds down to the earth that fall so fast they turn into drops of rain.

“Be patient wild eyes. Soon will come a storm to tame you. Let her winds surround you. Match her fury and let fires reign. There is no escape. Nature means what she does”

To be continued…

Make up and hair by the darling Abbey Love. All our love and thanks to this wonderful girl for being involved in our shoot xx

And the incredible photography of evoke images, can these guys do no wrong?!

It’s the time of the day that she loves the most. It’s twilight and the sun has gone but the day is still bathed in shadowless light.

The scent of the eucalypts is intoxicating and wattle is splashed everywhere like some ethereal creature has finger-painted the bush. She’s thinking again of the one she loves and how to her, he is simply the perfect arrangement of atoms.

The generous specks of colour in his eyes, the peppering of freckles across his nose and the mouth that whispers her name and kisses her neck. It’s incredible how one person in the eyes of another is perfect in every way.

To be continued…

Photography by the super talented (and super stylish) John Benavente

The freedom of the open road has changed the pace of her journey. With one hand on the wheel and the other weaving through the wind from the open window she tunes the old radio to a song makes her smile.

It’s the best of times and almost too many laughs were shared on the journey in that beat-up old kombi van. Games like Eye Spy were metamorphosed into giggles, hugs and secrets shared by the best of friends.

Smiles tickled the corners of their lips and the evening sun poured through the windows as they took each turn as it came.

To be continued…

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Love the flowers adorning the heads of our wonderful models? They were crafted with love by the beautiful girls from Engadine Florist. xx

+ high-res version

When it’s matters of the heart, you often don’t know what you’re looking for until you find it. Those who have felt, or known love can call to mind the fleeting moments that transform the entire world in your mind’s eye. For some it’s the eternal exploration that flutters and flits the inner soul to a point of total enthrallment.

A white horse, a red dress and the unrelenting search, sees a young girl who doesn’t quite know what she’s looking for, she just knows that she has to keep going until she finds out exactly what it is.

To most she is an enigma and even her own thoughts and dreams feel like trying to hold white sand between her fingers, the more she tries to hold on, the more that escapes her like the silken grains of sand.

Minutes or maybe hours are wasted away in lovely pursuits like picking flowers to put in her hair and getting lost for the sake of getting lost. It seems that only time will tell what the future holds for those who wander but are not lost.

To be continued…



One million and a half thankyous to Indigo Fleur and Dolly Up Vintage for providing the beautiful dresses and of course our number one man John Benavente for taking these incredible photographs. xx