Event styling >>> for loved up couples

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“After getting engaged we decided that we were going to have a 4 week amnesty period, where no wedding planning was allowed… however I did sneak a call to Sheree, booked her in and we never looked back.

Sheree and her team appeared in a cloud of dust late Thursday arvo, looking as calm and stylish as ever, after travelling 500kms north west of Sydney. By Saturday they had transformed what began as three tipis in a dry paddock into a twinkly midsummer night’s dream wonderland. It was everything we could have ever wanted and more.

Her professional approach, flexibility and eye for detail are extraordinary as was her ability to remain cool, calm and collected during an unexpected heatwave. I will be forever grateful to She Designs for taking the reins and allowing myself, my husband and my family to enjoy the lead up to what was the most incredible day of my life. We could not have done it without them… and we think she could have magic powers.” Carina & Nick, 25th October 2014

Photography: Matt Teague >> Location: Quirindi NSW >> Florist: Stem



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