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This is How She Makes Me Feel | Anis Mojgani

“like a nuclear reactor power plant
that harnesses not any strange harmful energy
but rather the energy of the sun
of daisies, of golden marbles
filled up past my brim
behind me, there is a rainbow
the nuclear reactor that i am
harnesses the power of the rainbow
capturing the whole spectrum
of color and light

this is how she makes me feel
like a great grey stoned tall tower
rising up out of the ocean
from my room at the top of that tower
i watch the world
there is nothing but ocean for so far
from up here the ocean looks like it is
the biggest thing in the universe
from up here, it is the universe
from my window sitting
atop the top of the universe
watching its waves of water
move in unison together
i feel like maybe
i am bigger

this is how she makes me feel
like i was 17, running
in slow motion through a field
lit with light particles of dust
moving through the air,
the sun burning their bodies
perhaps it is dust
perhaps it is magic dust
perhaps this magical dust is
what i am made from
i open my eyes and
everything i see floats

this is how she makes me feel
like i will live forever
like there is nothing that could possibly harm me
like this body will somehow stay so young, so perfect

there are cities growing inside my chest
the cities all look like new york in the fifties
every building is tall enough to touch a cloud
every automobile is a convertible
all the men wear hats and neckties
the women all have beautiful
shapes of color upon them
someone has saved a baby
there is a parade
someone has saved every baby
there is the biggest parade
moving through my streets
the skies explode with ticker tape”

Where do I start with Chloe and James… These two amazing creatures walked into our showroom and I knew right away this was going to be one amazing wedding.

The lovers met when they were quite young but James lived in Calgary so their love blossomed online until Chloe finished school in 2009 and flew to the other side of the world to visit James.

They have been inseparable ever since and the pair now lives in Sydney with their adorable puppy Tilly.

When Chloe dreamed about her perfect wedding with us it was lively, colourful and Mexican themed. She wanted an enigmatic atmosphere and something that would reflect how much her and James were head-over-heels smitten with each other.

We sourced some killer Mexican and Spanish items and created the perfect mix of these with bright colours, gold and natural tones. Chloe and James are creative souls and were involved in the design but I think we still managed to give them a pretty amazing surprise on the day.

Photography: James Frost >> Venue: Montrose Berry Farm >> Flowers: The Grounds Florals

This wedding was featured in Hitched Magazine!


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