Event styling >>> for loved up couples

“Be patient wild eyes. Soon will come a storm to tame you. Let her winds surround you. Match her fury and let fires reign. There is no escape, nature means what she does”

What a dream this photoshoot was, we had so much fun styling it! It was shot at the stunning Carriageworks in Sydney by Nina Claire Photography. The whimsical dresses were orchestrated by Ivory and Lace Boutique and the hair pieces by Nerida Mason. Makeup and hair styling was by the talented Abbey Love and Nicole and her husband Paul were our incredible models.
styledshoot_ninaclaire-2 styledshoot_ninaclaire-4 styledshoot_ninaclaire-10 styledshoot_ninaclaire-12 styledshoot_ninaclaire-21 styledshoot_ninaclaire-31 styledshoot_ninaclaire-38 styledshoot_ninaclaire-39 styledshoot_ninaclaire-40 styledshoot_ninaclaire-41 styledshoot_ninaclaire-42 styledshoot_ninaclaire-44 styledshoot_ninaclaire-50 styledshoot_ninaclaire-58 styledshoot_ninaclaire-74 styledshoot_ninaclaire-82 styledshoot_ninaclaire-93 styledshoot_ninaclaire-95



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  1. December 3, 2013

    love seeing such unique wedding photos 🙂 beautiful work!

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