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A farm still filled with the magic of nature and love was the perfect venue for Elissa and Dane’s special day. Trees that stood older than their great grandparents welcomed them and their guests on to the breathtakingly beautiful property.

Vintage styling peppered with bits and bobs of meaningful keepsakes set the scene. However , not even the shimmering glass votives and champagne flutes could shine brighter than Elissa’s smile.

Dane took Elissa’s hand as they walked slowly amongst the trees, the scent of eucalyptus hung in the air, they say summer is the season for love.

Well, this is what they call the real thing…

For more information on wedding styling head over to our website.

Photography: Sandra Henri Photography 


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  1. December 20, 2012

    Lovely words for a lovely wedding. Gorgeous work Sheree!

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