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“From the Bride… Chris have been together for 10 years. The wedding was a long time coming but definitely worth the wait. We both wanted a casual celebration with family and close friends that represented both of us, with good food, wine and music. We wanted a fun atmosphere with a bit of a vintage touch. We incorporated old suitcases, vintage vases and lots of fresh flowers. Our transportation was old Kombi vans… We did have one break down on the way to the ceremony. Our families mentioned how they saw the car on the side of the road — ha ha — a true testament to their age! I wore a Johanna Johnson dress; I fell in love with the gown as soon as I set eyes on it. Chris picked a polka dot bow tie to add a bit of fun to his suit.

Our ceremony was held at the Glastonbury Gardens in Austinmer. Sheree from She Designs and her wonderful team decorated the garden with everything vintage and ornate. Ribbons and rose petals hugged the aisle, old jam jars and fresh flowers swayed from the trees. Our reception was at Seacliff reception centre Wollongong. Always Flowers covered the room with fresh flowers and candles — the smell was amazing. Our photographer, Thomas Stewart, captured every moment of the day without having to ask us to pose or smile on request. The pictures tell a story. I can honestly say we didn’t even notice he was taking photos most of the time — every image is so natural and real. We love love love them. Our wedding was the most amazing day!

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Source: Style Me Pretty

Photography: Thomas Stewart

Flowers: Always Flowers

Tucked away in the ravishing Southern Highlands, Montrose Berry Farm is a dream place for couples to say ‘I do’. The venue is brimming with sublime greenery, flowers and beautifully old tall trees. After draping fairy lights amidst the trees we couldn’t imagine a more perfect place for them, as dusk began to fall they seemed to twinkle like real fairies dancing between the leaves.

Touches of old world charm could be found all over Erica and Beau’s wedding, from Erica’s dress and hair to the vintage Chevys and bow-tied groomsmen. We reflected these lovely classic details in our wedding styling taking extra care with the details. We used sheets of vintage music paper flowing with songs about love and happiness and to Beau’s surprise, Erika had secretly learned a song on guitar and played it to him to finish the magical evening.

Styling: Us! eek! 🙂
Erica’s hair: Sterling Hairdressing Parlour & Barber Shop
Ceremony & reception venue: Montrose Berry Farm
Reception catering: Sassy Catering
Flowers: DIY, Yvonne Butler (Erica’s sister)
Cars: Chevys 4 U, Graeme – 0418-425-175
Photographer: Daniel Cheung

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A farm still filled with the magic of nature and love was the perfect venue for Elissa and Dane’s special day. Trees that stood older than their great grandparents welcomed them and their guests on to the breathtakingly beautiful property.

Vintage styling peppered with bits and bobs of meaningful keepsakes set the scene. However , not even the shimmering glass votives and champagne flutes could shine brighter than Elissa’s smile.

Dane took Elissa’s hand as they walked slowly amongst the trees, the scent of eucalyptus hung in the air, they say summer is the season for love.

Well, this is what they call the real thing…

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Photography: Sandra Henri Photography 

She can’t really tell if she’s dreaming or awake. The air is filled with fog and the chill in the air is surreal and does little but make her hairs stand on end. Her soul has a way of its own and she knows if she just lets herself go she will find out where she’s meant to be.

There’s something intrinsically magic and enchanting about the night. It draws you in without false promise of what it holds. It’s in the celestial aptitude of the night to transform the colours of the forest into something unknown and unexplored.

“Sometimes you have to walk on your own,” she whispers to herself as she treads barefoot into the darkness. This is her forest, she has no fear, there’s nothing here that can bruise her or turn her away- she is not faint in heart.

Her lips tremble and she can feel every inch of her skin underneath the beading and silk of the white dress she is wearing. Flames from a thousand candles are dancing and throwing light onto the layers of ribbon and silk that surround her.

A ghostly fog starts creeping up through the trees and begins to cloud her vision. Before long it slowly clears and she starts to see a figure emerging. Is this what she has been waiting for her entire journey?

Her heart feels like it’s exploding, sending atoms filled with hope, love and joy to the very boarders of her body. Her breath catches in her throat and her hands start to shake.

“You are my sun, my moon and all my stars,” he says before coming towards her. She confesses her love then he takes her hand and they leave the forest for the last time to start their life as a couple, no longer single souls lost in the woods.

The end.

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One more last and no less amazing thanks to our entire dream-team: The ah-maze-ing floral designs (including all the head-pieces) were crafted with love by The Sisters and the one and only Abbey Love dazzled us all with her make-up and hair styling artistry. Our aesthetically-pleasing models (to say the least!) Nicole, Kellie and Erin were dressed up by Dolly-up Vintage Emporium and Indigo Fleur. Our favourite boys from Evoke Images and John Benavente were our personal paparazzo for the day and No Limit Pictures captured it all to make our own little motion picture!

We love you guys to the stars and back xx