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We’ve waited with bated breath for the release of this short film to mark the release of the She Designs Bohemian Range.

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As stylists, it is most often the magic that lies in the details that makes what we do so special. It’s clear when watching any of the wedding films from No Limit Pictures that they too have a keen eye for the details that make a wedding so special to the bride and groom. This could be the pinning of your grandfather’s cuff links through the button holes of a crisp white suit shirt- you can smell the fresh linen and feel it against your skin as if you’re re-living your special day. Or it might be the embrace you share with your best friends while you’re getting ready, after having the chance to tell them just how much it means that they are there with you on this day.

The boys from No Limit seem to have a knack for capturing all these special moments and bundling them all up in a heart-felt package of a short film. These few minutes are a moment of time that you will have forever and something you will watch again and again and be able to feel, smell, hear and remember all the things that pull on your heart strings.

If you want to see more of their work or say hello to the boys behind the camera, take a wander over to their Facebook page or Website.

Amongst the ghost-white gums that sweep across the Southern Highlands, we stumbled upon a place that was begging to be photographed. Native wattle blanketed the ground, circles had been naturally cleared and the breeze through the trees was inviting us to stay a while.

It was clear as day that this was to be the setting for our bohemian dream; the photos and film that would launch the She Designs bohemian range.

We pulled up our 1968 Combi van and out spilled our models, props, make-up artists, florists, stylists, retailers (and this one too!), photographers (B1 & B2), filmographers, oh my. We had thousands of candles, smoke machines, a white horse and a truck-load of ideas.

After gathering all the aesthetically minded individuals we had a little too much fun rummaging through a stockpile of beautifully ornate vintage dresses. Then we spent a good hour “oohing” and “ahhing” over the incredible headpieces handcrafted by our eclectic florist.

The models were left to the capable hands of our makeup and hair artist so we could venture into the forest to begin our styling.

The first shoot starred Flicka, the magnificent white horse, adorned with a custom floral headpiece (or, I should say mane-piece) and vintage textiles. After five minutes of shooting we all knew that today was going to be a good day.

While we floated off to piece together our tepee plantation, the models awed the cameras just behind the trees. We convened in the biggest tepee a little while later and had a sneaky glass of red, a few laughs and admired our work.

The sun started throwing buckets of amber light between the trees so it was time to set up for our final shots. A hauntingly beautiful scene in the dark forest brought our favourite photo-shoot yet to a close.

We packed up in a dream-like state, beaming with pride at the incredible feat we pulled off.

Below is a teaser to the phenomenal shoots that came out of our day in the forest. It’s just a taste of what to come with the inspired She Designs bohemian range…

Oh cherubs do we have exciting goodies for you! It’s the day after one of our most incredible photoshoots yet and though we are dealing with some aches and pains from a hard days work it was all worth it for the absolute magic that came from yesterdays efforts.

Boy did we have the dream team, where do we start!? Firstly the She Designs team who are so passionate about what they do, they really are the glue that hold our little family all together. The ah-maze-ing floral designs (including all the head-pieces) were crafted with love by The Sisters and the one and only Abbey Love dazzled us all with her make-up and hair styling artistry. Our aesthetically-pleasing models (to say the least!) Nicole, Kellie and Erin were dressed up by Dolly-up Vintage Emporium and Indigo Fleur. Our favourite boys from Evoke Images and John Benavente were our personal paparazzo for the day and No Limit Pictures captured it all to make our own little motion picture!

We’re not about to give it all away just yet but here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come…

The inspiration for this wedding came from the motif of a seedling in a hessian bundle tied to a chair with twine. From here the design flourished and I incorporated very natural textiles with vintage jars and organic features.

The couple shares the same favourite colour of red, so Always Flowers from Kiama were lovely enough to fashion bouquets in rich burgundy and crimson, which just complimented every characteristic of the design.

The canopy I used for this wedding was made from recycled cast-iron veranda posts from a bygone mansion in Sydney. I love that where the couple said ‘I do’ was under an awning rich in history and probably love stories too.

The delightful Abbey Love styled the brides hair and make up to perfection.

Images by Mr John Benavente