Event styling >>> for loved up couples

This month She Designs is going to be part of the One Fine Day wedding fair. This is the kind of event for creative couple who aren’t into the usual wedding expo vibe.

One Fine Day is sure to be inspiring for those planning their wedding but also inspiring for the vendors like us. We are pleased as punch to be a part of this and to meet and great some of the other talented vendors.

We were interviewed for the One Fine day website to have a look at the full article click here, otherwise read away at this little snippet…

What is your definition of a ‘One Fine Day’?
One fine day for me would have the perfect soundtrack, like if I were to play myself in a movie. I would wander around the clock shopping and discovering new places, along the way I would find an intimate gig. I would come home to my wonderful family and spend the evening nestled together in front of the fireplace.

What do you love the most about what you do?
I think in a past life I must have been a therapist. I love meeting my brides and we always seem to have these special moments of raw reality- there’s been quite a few tears in the showroom!

I also love that my job revolves around shopping; it’s so gratifying to find something I’ve been searching for then using it to create something beautiful.

Favourite thing about weddings?
Without a doubt it’s the moment when the bride is walking down the aisle and she looks up at her groom’s eyes. In that instant you can feel their love percolating from every pore.

Grey scale or colour?
Colour because a world of black and white wouldn’t be as beautiful

Summer or winter?
This is tough… I would choose summer for the balmy, champagne-filled evenings that last much longer than the winter nights.

Tea or coffee?
Coffee for the mornings, tea for the afternoons

Three words to describe what you’ll be bringing to One Fine Day……..
Lace, love and laughter


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